Master of Armisen
Last quarter of the15th century

Saint Agatha of Catania, Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Tempera and gold leaf on panel
96.5 x 8.5 cm / 97.5 x 80 cm
Maricel Museum, Sitges

These two pieces were part of the predella of the same altarpiece, possibly from the chapel of San Salvador de Tarazona (Zaragoza)
Both show two saints sitting on thrones with Gothic forms made using the technique of gilded plaster pastillage. The technique and style have allowed historians attribute the works to the Master of Armisen, an anonymous painter who takes his name from an altarpiece kept in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
The restoration of these two works has been complex due to consolidation issues on the suports. Removing varnishes and altered retouches from the tempera and the gilding allowed us to recover the original colors of the two pieces.