Emilia Coranty de Guasch
(Barcelona 1862-1944)

Oil on canvas
70 x 117 cm
Still life of flowers

Exhibition “When Women Had to Paint Flowers, Pioneer Painters in the Sala Parés” .
Lluís Domènech i Muntaner House Museum. Canet de Mar

Emilia Coranty de Guasch was one of the first students at the LLotja in Barcelona and was awarded a scholarship to go to Rome by the Provincial Council. He won two bronze medals at the Universal Exhibition. She actively participated in the Feminal magazine environment.
She devoted much of her life to artistic teaching for girls and young women. At his death, the Guasch Coranty Foundation was created to reward the artistic work of young painters.
This work arrived at the workshop in poor condition. The oxidised and darkened varnish prevented us from appreciating the original tones of the work. The painting has been cleaned in order to restore the brightness.