Joaquim Mir i Trinxet
(Barcelona 1873 1940)

Landscape 1923
Oli sobre tela
144 x 75,7cm

Mir is one of the greatest exponents of post-impressionism. He was a student of Lluis Graner. He was part of the Saffron Group with Nonell, Pitxot and Canals.
His landscapes are characterized by loose, free brushstrokes and the vibration of color, often approaching abstraction.
His work is one of the most important museums and collections in the country.
This work was part of a series of paintings that Joaquim Mir painted to decorate the Terrades house. The piece was covered with an inadequate and very thick varnish that did not allow us to appreciate the intensity of color or the stroke of the brushstroke characteristic of Mir. The cleanliness allows us to enjoy the splendor of the piece again.