Eliseu Meifrèn i Roig
(Barcelona 1857-1940)
Venezia Seascape
Oil on canvas
101,5 x 150,5 cm

He was a catalan landscape painter. He is considered one of the first introducers of the Impressionist movement in Catalonia. He was a student of Ramón Martí i Alsina and Antonio Caba. He traveled to Paris with Santiago Rusiñol and Ramón Casas.
He made stays in Naples and Venice, at which time he painted this marina. During his life he traveled several times to Italy, Paris, USA and exhibited in New York, Buenos Aires, Madrid.
He is an artist with an extensive work that is highly recognized and represented in many institutions and museums such as the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, the Prado Museum, the Barcelona Maritime Museum, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Palma.

The restoration process has consisted of a restoration of the broken fabric support and the consolidation of the liftings of the paint layer. For this we have used macro photography and transillumination. After this operation, it has been possible to clean the accumulated dirt and the varnish that had been darkened by the passage of time. This has allowed us to recover the Meifren characteristic tones of this era. This is an artwork where the blues, grays and turquoise from the painter’s palette predominate. This work has a great similarity with another seascape in Venice that is kept in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.