Attributed to Master of All / Ramon Gonçalbo
Consorci de Patrimoni de Sitges. Maricel Museum

Third quarter of the 15th century.
Tempera, oil and gold leaf on table
55 x 168 cm./ 70 x 182 x 12 cm

Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint John the Baptist, the Sorrowful Virgin, Saint John the Evangelist, Saint Bishop and Saint Paul.
The Master of All is a painter whom we can include in the international Gothic style. He worked in the Pyrenees area of the diocese of Urgell and the Catalan territory of Comenge. Some authors have identified him with the painter Ramon Gonçalbo.
A study was done with UV light and IR photography to identify previous restorations altered over time. After the cleaning and removal of these altered overpaintings, we were able to recover the sharpness of the original design and colors of the work, which is very rich in details. The high quality gold finish has also been recovered.