Cristóbal García Salmerón
(Near 1603-1666)

“Benefactor. Saint Teresa of Jesus”
Oil on canvas
1,60 x 2,00 m

Cristóbal García Salmerón was a baroque painter from Cuenca and, according to the third volume “The Pictorial Museum and Optical Scale” from Antonio Palomino, a disciple of Pedro de Orrente.

The Artwork arrived to the studio in a very poor condition, it was rolled up and presented big areas with preparation and paint layer losses. It also had a considerable layer of superficial dirt and the varnish layer was darkened and altered by passage of time. The application of tension bands was necessary in order to stretch the canvas on a custom made stretcher. The superficial dirt was cleaned and the altered varnish layer was removed. The losses were coated and re-integrated and the artwork was varnished again in order to recover this baroque painting.