Francisco Bayeu
(Zaragoza 1734-Madrid 1795)

“The Blessed Virgin under the Holy Spirit surrounded by angels, with Saint John the Evangelist and Solomon, sketch for the Royal Chapel of the Aranjuez Palace”
Near 1791
Oil on canvas
80 x 111,5 cm

Central piece of the exposition “In Bayeu’s laboratory: an exposition around an artwork” organized by Artur Ramon exhibition hall in 2005.
Francisco Bayeu, father-in-law of Francisco de Goya, was court painter of Carlos III. He was initially influenced by italian baroque style and later by Neoclassicism.
He painted decorations for many royal palaces, like the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Palace of Aranjuez, the Palace of El Pardo, the Palace of La Granja and churches like the Basilica of El Pilar in Zaragoza and the Cathedral of Toledo.